Why Regional Studies?

Whether you’re an experienced veteran or a new entrant, regional multi-client studies provide important regional geological context along with independent, third-party verification of existing theories and interpretations. Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL)’s forward-looking integrated geoscience projects are further tuned to highlight emerging opportunities and address relevant industry challenges. We deliver decision-ready, cost-effective research so that clients can pursue their strategies with increased confidence. Our multi-client studies have:

  • Delivered practical guidance, including highlighting the best acreage and calculating resource estimates for numerous resource plays in Canada and the U.S.
  • Provided new play concepts in mature North American basins (i.e. unconventional gas resources).
  • Reduced exploration risks such as charge and flushing in relatively immature basins like the Oriente in Ecuador and the Murzuk in Libya.

Recent and Popular Projects

CDL’s expansive technical library includes almost 300 projects, including 60 regional multi-client studies spanning the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Williston Basin and beyond. While every study is unique, areas of technical investigation may include reservoir characterization, petrophysics, hydrogeology, geochemistry, production, geomechanics/stress and geophysics.

Recent and popular multi-client studies include:

Regional Atlases

Montney Regional Studies

Other BC/Alberta Studies

Williston Basin

Standard deliverables include maps, graphs, cross-sections and illustrated technical report and/or posters. Purchased studies include an in-person technical review plus data and GIS deliverables (shapefiles) for newer projects. You can also view the entire portfolio with a Technical Studies library membership. To browse the complete collection, visit our studies website.

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Current Projects

CDL is currently launching the following projects. Sign up early to influence project scope and get a discount.

Texas Geothermal Mapping Project

Pursuing unconventional oil and gas resource plays focusing on light oil and liquids-rich gas in North America requires an understanding of the distribution and controls of hydrocarbon phase in various basins. This project maps the Geothermal Gradient across key resource play basins in Texas (including the Delaware/Midland and West Gulf basins). Additional deliverables include Isotherm and Formation Depth maps for the three basins, as well as a Geothermal Gradient map for the State of Texas.

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Have a study idea? We provide a range of multi-client, consortia and exclusive consultancy options to suit your specific needs and budget.

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