Actionable Insights From Big Data

Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) has been analyzing oil & gas activity and trends for close to 30 years. With resource plays now king, and drilling and completions operations accounting for close to 70% of capital expenditures, CDL is uniquely positioned with the right datasets and deep industry knowledge to deliver decision-ready analytics.

The Answers Are in the Data

CDL’s best-in-class resource play datasets combine quality inputs with reliable metrics and embedded expertise to address important questions such as:

EURs & Type Curves—Which plays, operators or wells will produce the most over the long term? How much variability exists between the P10 and P90? How much gas versus oil?

Geological Plays—How does geology impact production? How is it even possible to compare results between wells when rock is so important and yet so variable?

Drilling & Completion Costs—How do costs vary between plays, areas and operators? How do you produce the most barrels for the fewest dollars?

Completions & Fracturing—How do completions technology, number of stages, proppant, fluids and/or other completions variables impact performance? Which combination of parameters are most likely to yield the best results for any given play? Which variables have the highest impact on performance?

Drilling—How does wellbore direction impact results? What is the optimal completed length, and how does this vary within or between plays? Why are some wells drilled on time and on budget, while others encounter continuous problems?

Rigorous Statistics. Advanced Visualization.

Our analysts employ rigorous statistical methods to establish and evaluate the relationships between inputs and outputs. We then highlight what’s important using cutting-edge visualization methods and expert commentary.

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Standard analytics report components:

  • Play overview and metrics
  • Operator comparisons
  • Economic analysis
  • Play progression
  • Drilling and completion trends
  • Geological context
  • Expert commentary

Also available:

  • In-depth analysis of individual operators
  • Recursive partitioning and decision tree analysis
  • Infrastructure analysis—takeaway capacity, catchment areas, play deliverability
  • Custom analytical investigations

Reports Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs

Wherever you fit in the E&P spectrum, get must-have business intelligence to make better decisions.

Investment Professionals and Private Equity—Identify which plays and operators are most likely to succeed. Spot financial upside in situations where best practices are not yet being deployed.

C-Suite Executives—Keep your finger on the pulse of industry. Get critical insights to help define your corporate strategy—tailored to your specific, time-limited needs.

Engineering and Geoscience Staff—Get an unbiased, third-party perspective. Convert insights into action by further working the underlying data to optimize operations within your sphere of influence.

Service Industry—Position your offerings correctly. Know your market share and key competitors—a must-have for logistics planning and solutions marketing.

Current Analytics Offerings

We currently offer customized, quick turnaround reports for the following plays:

Montney Kakwa ■ Montney Swan-Elmworth ■ Montney Groundbirch-Dawson
Montney Gundy ■ Montney Beg ■ Duvernay Greater Kaybob

We maintain comprehensive in-house datasets and expertise for all Western Canada Resource Plays—developing and mature. Reports for other plays are available on a consulting basis.

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