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Montney Gas Liquids Project

Area: Pouce Coupe, Kakwa, Elmworth, Ante Creek
Scope: Reservoir Characterization, Hydrodynamics, Geochemistry, 55 Core Descriptions, Tops Database of 2,300 Wells

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Montney Hydrodynamics Project II

Area: Beg, Karr, Kakwa, Dawson, Kaybob
Scope: Hydrodynamics, Deep Basin Edges, Pressure, Temperature, Liquids Trend Maps, Database

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Charlie Lake Hydrodynamics

Area: Elmworth to Worsley
Scope: Hydrodynamics of Upper, Middle, and Lower Charlie Lake, Pressure vs Elevation Graph, Pressure Depth Ratio Maps, DST Recovery Maps

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Southern Alberta Cardium, an unexplored light oil resource play

Area: Montgomery, Blood
Scope: Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, Petrography, Petrophysics, XRD, Isopachs, Net Reservoir Maps

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Stress Analysis: Tertiary, Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic Reservoirs

Area: T. 25-80, R 1W4 to 13W6
Zones: Triassic to Tertiary Formations
Scope: Principal Stress Mapping, Pore Pressure Mapping, Stress Orientation, Isotherms, Boundary Stress, Geothermal Gradient, Over 200 Maps

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Williston Basin Hydrogeology II

Area: Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Montana, North Dakota
Zones: Upper Cretaceous to Cambrian
Scope: 40,000 Well Examined, Reservoir Structure, Source Rock Maturity Maps, Water and Oil Migration Path Maps, Geothermal Gradient Map, Tilted Oil/Water Contact Maps

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