Canada offers world class basins, a stable environment, public data, high rates of return and M&A potential. Quickly find and evaluate the best opportunities for your company with Canadian Discovery Ltd. (CDL) as your strategic partner.

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At CDL, we’ve spent 30 years researching and analyzing the Western Canada Sedimentary and Williston basins. Through a combination of experienced staff, hundreds of technical studies and thousands of technical reviews, we deliver unparalleled knowledge.

From general information to targeted technical assessments, we offer a range of products and services to guide you on your way.

Gather Information

Discovery Digest—Understand the drivers that make Canada's hottest plays economical with these publications. Be the first to know about new innovations and competitor results in your areas and across the basins.

Increase Understanding

Catalyst Play Evaluation Platform—Quantify risks and opportunities in minutes with this powerful online application. Get apples-to-apples comparisons of geological plays, production, EURs, technology, costs and more.

Technical Studies—Subscribe to this online library to explore hundreds of geoscientific projects with unparalleled investigative depth. Or purchase individual studies on your area of interest.

Independent Technical Assessments

M&A Technical Assessments—Our M&A team delivers the information you need for smart, economical, quick-turnaround decisions on specific assets or opportunities. Get assessments into the geology, economics and production as well as due diligence for major decisions.

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